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Quality Milk Alliance

The Quality Milk Alliance was a partnership among Michigan State University, Florida A&M, Penn State, and Mississippi State. The project was an integrated extension and education program to reduce mastitis and antibiotic use in dairy farms. The project ran between 2013 - 2018 and was supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant No. 2013-68004-20439 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Find educative resources here.

Milking Efficiency and Labor Management

Milking cows on a dairy farm is one of the most critical jobs that gets done every day and has an impact on the health and productivity of the cows. Learn more about milking efficiency and labor management

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Dry Cow and Mastitis Treatments

Antibiotic use in food animals has come under increased scrutiny as concerns have risen about antibiotic residues and about antimicrobial resistance. Learn about how to use antibiotic judiciously and the correct technique to infuse intrammamary antibiotics

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SCC and Milk Quality

Dairy producers strive to maintain high quality milk, which contributes to a safe, sustainable food supply. Learn more about mas titis control, somatic cell counts (SCC) and milk quality

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